Many people are interested in how long should they wait for the first results of human growth (GH) therapy to appear. When will my body start changing? What is the overall before and after results of HGH? These are the most frequent questions any patient ask their doctor.

Folks of all ages sometimes feel they should check the GH levels in their blood because they experience health problems or unpleasant changes in appearance. They start the HGH therapy and want the improvements to be visible as soon as possible.

We’ve resolved to provide you with a detailed breakdown of HGH treatment results starting from several months up to one year. Let’s see what benefits for your health you can get from GH therapy and what disorders will be eliminated within 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 months.

When will you see the first improvements from HGH therapy?

Growth hormone therapy effects differ depending on the individual peculiarities of every single patient starting the course. The very first changes are already visible in several weeks, for instance, the symptoms of current disorders are less expressed and bring less discomfort or you can notice some slight positive changes in appearance.Let us get started

Some of the key factors that define the duration of your GH treatment are such as:

  • age and aging problems;
  • the severity of health disorders;
  • overall medical history;
  • dosage of prescribed hormone medication.

It’s not recommended to increase the dosage of GH to a greater one than it was prescribed. Bigger dosages aren’t going to bring you faster results but they are going to be very harmful to your health and may cause unexpected side effects. Any changes in dosage should be discussed with a doctor in advance.

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Results in a Month of HGH

Once you start a growth hormone therapy course, all of your organs now work in a new unordinary way. Now your body should get used to manage proper hormone levels and learn to produce the required volumes of hormones by itself.

During the first weeks, you are going to feel more energy and increased stamina as well as be more productive in performing everyday tasks. Some patients admit better concentration and cognitive capacity which allows them to succeed in their work, business, sports, and career.

HGH Results Before and After skin

During the first month of the therapy, people experience enhanced durability and increased strength which help them to reach better results in training. Increased productivity allows them to feel enthusiastic about everything they do, and the active lifestyle erases the signs of depression and enhances their mood.

What will you see in 2 months of HGH?

The second month of the growth hormone treatment makes positive changes much more visible, especially when it comes to improvements in appearance. The growth hormone helps the cells in your body to restore much faster, so it significantly enhances your skin health and your muscle shape. During this period most patients lose the first pounds of excess weight because their metabolism is restored and brought proper acceptance of nutrients and delivery of energy.

hgh before and after women

The second month of the therapy is much efficient for eliminating the age-related changes including the muscle mass and skin quality shifts. This period of hormone course improves your eyesight which usually becomes worse with age.

What changes are seen in 3 months of HGH?

In three months of GH therapy, you are going to experience the improvement of your hair texture, better flexibility of joints, less joint pain, softer skin, and stronger bones which is confirmed by the diagnostics. If you were suffering from osteoporosis, this period of GH treatment brings the long-expected relief.

Women experiencing significant PMS symptoms now admit their decrease and women who suffered from the negative effect of menopause are now able to get rid of all inconveniences like headaches, irritation,  etc.

hgh before and afte result 3 month

Enhancements of the 4th Month of HGH

During the fourth month of your treatment, you’ll be surprised as all positive changes obtained in the previous months are going to increase. Your complexion, hair condition, strength, stamina, emotional state – all become much better.

What is more amazing is that your metabolic process returns to its initial route as if you are 20 again. Fat has no chance to survive under your skin for a long time as the growth hormone improves the fat burning process. If you prefer regular sports, you are going to admit that your muscle mass increases much faster just within a few months of training.

hgh results after 4 month pic

Positive Effects in 5 Months of HGH

The aging process makes our skin colorless and less elastic, the fifth month of the HGH treatment course makes the colorless skin patches both on your face and body less visible. This period of treatment makes your hair shine while making it much thicker, your overall look becomes much more refined and this is obvious and visible both for you and everyone around you.

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What you experience in 6 Months of HGH?

In half a year, your overall health conditions are significantly improved and this is confirmed by your blood test results and overall physical diagnostics. Patients that suffered from insomnia or related sleep disorders now admit quieter and deeper sleep. More results include such as:

  • improved immunity,
  • enhanced work of the cardiovascular system,
  • increased energy and stamina,
  • smoother and younger skin,
  • faster metabolism and reduced weight.

With improved metabolic functions and the ability of GH to enable muscle growth, you’ll see magnificent changes in your body shape. Stronger and more flexible bones, enhanced muscle mass, and better stamina will allow you to be more productive during sports activities and show better results at competitions. One more important benefit of GH therapy is that in 6 months of treatment a patient is quite able to make high-intensity sports exercises with almost no effort.

hgh before and afte result 6 month picture

Besides muscle growth, the half-year treatment course will help you burn enough fat to reduce the intensity of cellulitis and lose excess weight. Patients report enhanced harmony of their body shapes and eliminated discomfort they had in the past with former adiposity.

Older patients admit an improved structure of hair which has been changing for the better during the whole period of treatment. They confirm their hair has become much thicker, gained a softer texture, and even restored its natural color.

Before and After Results of HGH

Now let’s sum up the overall enhancements in your health and appearance you obtain during the HGH therapy and review them from the perspective of before-and-after results.

Your Health State

Before: Patients suffer from sleep disorders and insomnia, experience decline of energy and depressive mood, decreased productivity, and poor concentration.

After: Patients get increased stamina, deep and healthy sleep, enhanced mental capacity, increased productivity, and an optimistic mood.

Your Physical Capacity

Before: Patients experience fatigue and complain about weak eyesight.

After: Patients report improved sight, enhanced stamina, better results in sports, and the ability to sustain high-intensity training.

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Your Body Condition

Before: Patients suffer from excess fat in regard to their muscle mass and suffer from concomitant inconveniences and health troubles.

After: Patients report significant fat loss, improved body shapes, slim and muscular body.

Your Appearance

Before: Patients face the aging process provoking first wrinkles and colorless skin patches, dry and gray hair.

After: Patients admit the healthier and improved skin tone, more elastic skin, thicker and shining hair, and fewer gray hairlines. Some patients report they’ve restored their original hair color thanks to human growth hormone treatment.

In general, human growth hormone therapy can dramatically improve both your appearance and health. HGH treatment boosts your inner potential while enhancing every aspect of your life quality.

hgh man and women results

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