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Mixing HGH is not difficult. We have provided all of the steps you will need to follow. When your HGH is in liquid form, we need you to understand the fragility of the somatropin molecules. We have seen them destroyed by shaking too vigorously and heat including room temperatures. We highly recommend you take the proper precautions. Your dosage, administration and reconstitution are all important aspects. We recommend following the instructions included with your product.


You should never use force when injecting water right into the powder. Once the vial has been reconstituted, do not shake or drop it, allow it to remain out of your refrigerator for more than a couple of minutes and do not freeze it. If you have freeze-dried vials of growth hormone (lyophilized) they must be refrigerated.

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You can use several different kinds of water for reconstituting your human growth hormone. One of your options is bacteriostatic water to mix with HGH. This consists of 0.9 percent normal saline and 0.9 percent sodium chloride. You can also use plain sterile water for preparing your injections. Although any type of water will work, we recommend using plain sterile water.


Just like with the water, you can mix and inject your HGH using any size and type of syringe. We recommend using the insulin type of syringes. We have found they are the most suitable. Whenever possible, choose syringes that have 100 markings right on the side. This will make it much simpler to figure out your correct dosage of HGH.

HGH mixing instruction

Begin by taking off the plastic cap on top of your vial. Use a medical alcohol swab or pad to clean the rubber. Pull 100 markings or one ml of water using your syringe. The overall strength of your mixture will remain the same whether you use one or two ml of water. Water is simply the way you are transporting your HGH. If you use twice as much water for reconstituting your HGH, you will also have to use twice as much of your mixture when you give yourself an injection to ensure your dosage remains the same.

We recommend using one ml of water because it fits well into a standard syringe. Once your syringe contains one ml of water, push your needle into the vial’s rubber cap. We recommend a sideways position to ensure the water slides down your vial’s inside wall. Do not use force when injecting the powder. You need to let the water slide slowly out. Most of the white powder only requires seconds to dissolve but you will have a few lumps left.

Do not attempt to dissolve the lumps by shaking your vial. You can roll the vial gently between your fingers if you are rushed. All of the powder will dissolve in a few minutes. You can also place the vial in your refrigerator for fifteen to thirty minutes to dissolve the remaining powder. This will enable the somatropin to dissolve completely. Turn the vial between your fingers a few times to mix the solution gently prior to drawing the liquid HGH into your syringe.

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The negative air pressure in your vial will make it more difficult to pull out the liquid. The injection of a syringe filled with air into your vial will help release the vacuum. You can decide if you want to keep using your syringe until it is empty or use a new syringe every time you need an injection. You can inject HGH into almost any muscle or beneath your skin in the fatty area of your abdomen. We recommend making your injection above your naval because it is less painful.

mixing hgh

You should place your injections in a different spot each time to eliminate causing any dents in your body fat. Begin by pinching your skin between the abs. Then insert your needle completely at an angle of thirty to 45 degrees prior to injecting your dosage. For a muscle injection, the needle needs to be inserted into your gluteus or shoulder muscle prior to releasing your dosage. We do not believe there is any difference in which type of injection you decide to use.

HGH Dosage

If your physician prescribed you somatropin, you need to follow the dosage instructions you were given. If your administration is self-prescribed, you need to follow the general dosage guidelines. Bodybuilders and athletes generally use four IU each day for overall fitness and fat loss. If your goal is anti-aging, we recommend two IU each day. You can take your injection on an empty or full stomach or during any time of day. None of this will make much of a difference.

You can take your injection a few hours prior to going to bed since the endogenous growth hormone is released by your body once you have fallen asleep. This may decrease the release of your body so you are essentially losing a free extra dose. We recommend using your dosage in the morning whenever possible. Certain individuals use six IU each day. We need you to understand the side effects become more annoying with higher doses.

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The side effect resulting in athletes decreasing their dosage is carpal tunnel syndrome. In some instances, the injections must be stopped for two to three weeks until the carpal tunnel syndrome has disappeared. You should use multiple injections each day for your full dosage as opposed to taking just one injection. We recommend two IU during the morning and another two late in the afternoon. If you are recovering from a severe injury or burn, you can speed up your healing process with eight to sixteen IU each day. You should not use this high dosage for more than a few weeks.

hgh with water mix

If you experience carpal tunnel syndrome, you must decide if the quicker recovery is worth the discomfort. We recommend beginning with a dosage of two to four IU. You will be able to figure out the correct dose for your body. Once you experience carpal tunnel syndrome, you have reached your limit. This is all right if you are barely feeling the carpal tunnel syndrome. This is how you can be certain the HGH is working. Some athletes have ignored this side effect for short periods to achieve their goals.

The pace of your thyroid hormone will increase because you are raising the level of your growth hormone. We recommend checking your hormone levels occasionally to be sure everything is all right. If your thyroid levels are low, you should either pause your cycle or decrease your HGH dosage for a while. You need to understand your blood sugar levels are directly affected by the HGH.

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Warning: You need to speak with a medical professional prior to self-dosing HGH if you are diabetic. Diabetics will experience a couple of days of instability when they initially begin using HGH, end their cycle and modifying their dosage. If you have diabetes, we recommend building up to your desired dose of HGH gradually. We also recommend gradually phasing out your dose for two to three weeks once you have reached the end of your cycle. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding using growth hormones properly on the internet. Some of them have been around since the internet began.

Starting or ending the HGH cycle

You may have been given incorrect information by someone claiming they heard something from a friend such as you should use HGH five days each week and take off the other two. This is not true. Most of the incorrect information originated when HGH was extremely expensive. This was when bodybuilders would stretch out their HGH as long as possible by skipping days to extend their cycle. This was the only way they could afford HGH in the past.

hgh before and after mix

There is no pause when your body produces endogenous growth hormone. Certain individuals believe when you are starting your cycle of growth hormone, your desired dose must be built gradually. They also believe the same is true when you reach the end of your cycle. We do not believe it matters when you begin or end your full dosage. We have found there are a few days of sudden hypoglycemia or unstable blood sugar when a cycle has ended.

Between two and fourteen days after you have completed your cycle, you will most likely experience sudden attacks of hunger due to drops in your blood sugar. We recommend having a candy bar around. This will probably happen three to five times during a period of two weeks.

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