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The key thing to learn before preparing a mixture for your HGH injection is that the molecules of Somatropin are fragile, so it’s recommended to spin the vial very gently and avoid shaking it not to destroy the molecules. It’s required to take safety precautions as well as keep the proper dosages of both the powder and water during the mixture preparation. Typically, an HGH product includes an instruction where you can learn all indications, cautions, ingredients and more information on its usage.

To make your life easier, we’ve resolved to share the step-by-step process of creating a mixture for HGH injection to show you how simple it is. Let’s start!


You should never put effort into spraying water into the powder when preparing a mixture. Once the mixture is ready, don’t shake or drop it, leave it to stay for a few minutes without any fridge. Refrigeration is required only for the freeze-dried vials of growth hormone (lyophilized ones).

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You can use several different types of water for mixing your human growth hormone powder. One of your options is bacteriostatic water to mix with HGH. This consists of 0.9 percent of salt brine and 0.9 percent of sodium chloride. Another option is bioclean (sterile) water which is, typically, the best choice for mixing your GH.


You can mix and inject the HGH using any size and type of syringe. We recommend using an insulin type. If possible, choose syringes that have 100 markings sidewise. This will make it much simpler to determine the correct dosage of HGH.

HGH Mixing Instruction

Use a medical alcohol wipe or pad to clean the rubber and take off the plastic cap on top of your vial. Pour in 100 markings or one ml of water using your syringe. No matter you use one or two ml of water, the overall concentration of your mixture remains the same. Water is simply the way of HGH transportation, so if you use twice as much water for mixing your HGH, you should also use twice as much of your mixture when you make an injection to make your dosage stay the same.

We recommend using one ml of water because it fits well into a standard syringe. Once your syringe is filled with one ml of water, push your needle into the vial’s rubber cap. We recommend a pitched position to ensure the water flows down the inner wall of a vial. Do not use force when spraying water into the powder and let the water spray slowly. Most of the white powder requires a few seconds to be dissolved but be sure to prevent it from being transformed into a couple of lumps.

Do not try to dissolve the lumps by shaking your vial. You should spin the vial very gently between your fingers and all of the powder will be dissolved in a few minutes. Gently mix the liquid before you spill the HGH into the syringe.

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The negative air pressure in your vial will make it more difficult to pull out the liquid. Let the air out of your syringe right into the ampule to fill out a vacuum inside of it. You should resolve whether you want to keep using your syringe until it is empty or start using a new syringe for every new injection. You can inject HGH into almost any muscle of your body or make it right to the fatty area underneath the skin of your tummy. We recommend making your injection into your deltoid or thigh because it is less painful.

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You should make injections to a different site each time to avoid the formation of dents in your body fat. Begin by pinching your skin between the abs, then insert the needle fully at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees before injecting your dosage. For a muscle injection, the needle needs to be inserted into your gluteus or shoulder muscle before taking the dosage.

HGH Dosage

When Somatropin was prescribed to you by a doctor, you obviously received clear instructions concerning the dosage. If your injection is self-prescribed, follow the general dosage guidelines. Bodybuilders and athletes generally use four IU per day for supporting their shape and reducing fat. If your goal is anti-aging, we recommend two IU per day. You can take your injection on an empty or full stomach or at any time of day. None of this will make much of a difference.

You can take your injection a few hours before going to bed since the endogenous growth hormone is produced by your body once you have fallen asleep. If you take an injection at bedtime, this may decrease the hormone production in your body, so you are losing a free extra dose. We recommend using your dosage in the morning. Typically, people take six IU per day. The exceedance of the dosage may lead to unwanted side effects.

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Possible side effects may include carpal tunnel syndrome that often occurs with athletes because they exceed the prescribed dosage. In some cases, the injections should be terminated for two to three weeks until the carpal tunnel syndrome disappears.

To reach the full dosage, you should take several injections a day not to put the whole dosage of GH in a single injection, and avoid unexpected harmful effects. We recommend two IU in the morning and another two – late in the afternoon. If you are recovering from a severe bodily or thermal injury, you can speed up your healing process with eight to sixteen IU per day. Don’t take this dosage for more than two weeks.

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If you experience carpal tunnel syndrome, make sure whether a quick recovery is worth possible discomfort and health risks. We recommend starting with a dosage of two to four IU. During the therapy, you’ll be able to define the correct dosage for your particular needs.

If you face carpal tunnel syndrome, you have reached your limit, and exceeding the dosage is impossible and very harmful. Slight symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are quite ok because they show that HGH is working.

It would be better to check the levels of your thyroid hormone on a regular basis to prevent unwanted disorders. If your thyroid hormone levels are still low, you should either temporally stop your injections cycle or decrease your HGH dosage for a while. Your blood sugar levels are directly affected by the HGH and you should prevent the risk of your sugar levels to be dropped.

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Warning: If you’ve got diabetes, consult a medical expert prior to self-injecting the growth hormone. Diabetics will experience sugar levels instability for a couple of days after their first HGH injection until they choose the correct dosage.

Diabetic patients should select their perfect dosage gradually until they feel comfortable enough with a certain dosage they receive. It is quite ok to make a gradual phase-out of your dosage during the three weeks before the end of your cycle. Be sure to get in touch with a doctor any time you feel unwanted discomfort or experience suspicious unexpected effects.

Completing the HGH Cycle

You’ve probably found a lot of myths concerning HGH on the Web, and one of them says you should take HGH five days a week and quit the injections during the weekend. This is misinformation. Most of the incorrect facts have been originated from the time when HGH was extremely expensive. This was when bodybuilders were trying to continue their HGH cycle for as long as possible and missed a few days every week to extend their cycle. In the past, this was the only way they could afford HGH injections.

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Your body produces endogenous growth hormone on a constant basis, so you shouldn’t stop the cycle until it is completed. The gradual increase or decrease of the dosage at the beginning or at the end of the cycle is not compulsory as well, especially if you’ve got no precautions for taking the injections. Unstable sugar levels can be observed for only a few days after the cycle has been completed.

In the period between two and fourteen days after you have completed your cycle, you are likely to experience a sudden feeling of hunger because of the decreased sugar levels. However, the unexpected feeling of hunger is going to be eliminated in a few days when your sugar levels normalize to an even keel. A small candy is going to help you get rid of hunger during that period.

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