Types of HGH Injections

Wondering about different types of growth hormone injections available on the market? Let’s review them and learn which one is the most suitable for your needs.

GH injection means an injectable form of Somatropin – a peptide hormone that stimulates the growth and reproduction of all cells in a human’s body. Somatropin is a genetically engineered human growth hormone generated from recombined human DNA in a lab environment. This is why Somatropin is absolutely identical to the growth hormone developed by a human’s pituitary gland.

Many brands offer pharmaceutical growth hormone injections in various forms that mainly differ by:

  • the dosage calculated in injectable units (UIs);
  • types of supply (standard syringes or injectable pens).

Be sure to discuss the types of growth hormone injections with a qualified physician majoring in HGH treatment. A doctor can assist you in creating an individual plan of the growth hormone treatment based on your diagnostic results and suggestions.

Causes of HGH Deficiency and Indications for HGH Injections

Most qualified doctors consider the prescription of man-made GH injections to be an optimal way of treating adults and children suffering from the poor secretion of GH known as growth hormone hunger.

The deficiency of growth hormone occurs when the anterior pituitary gland (so-called master gland) can’t secrete enough amount of the growth hormone required for the proper development of organs and systems in a human body.

Growth hormone deficiency affects your overall health including mood, skin, and muscle mass. It causes weight gain and even can lead to depression. 

The main causes of growth hormone deficiency are as follows:

  • inborn diseases;
  • injuries;
  • aging process.

No matter the cause, reduced levels of growth hormone in your blood are harmful to your health and require replacement therapy which should be properly prescribed by a doctor based on diagnostic results.

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Several medical brands offer different types of laboratory synthesized GH injections that vary by quality and a couple of other characteristics. Anyway, all of them are absolutely identical to a naturally produced growth hormone of a human and all are going to perfectly suit for replacement therapy.

How to compare various injections of HGH?

Modern pharmacies offer several types of synthesized GH injections that are supplied in the forms of:

  • a prefilled injectable HGH pen;
  • an injectable liquid;
  • a powder you can mix with the water to get a liquid GH.

Ask one of our doctors about possible forms of GH injections and choose an HGH prescription that fits your unique needs and your way of living. Your prescriptions will allow you to obtain the GH injection kit and ask a doctor how to properly use the GH injections and how to store them.

A GH injection kit includes all you need for your treatment course. For instance, if you’ve got the freeze-dried powder growth hormone, your kit for hormone replacement therapy contains bioclean water and pre-sorted powders to mix with water for making an injected liquid. Consult a qualified expert before creating a mixture by yourself or get it done by an expert to avoid mistakes in preparation and dosages.

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Whatever growth hormone treatment type you select, your prescribed injections are measured in injectable units or IUs. There is no universal type of GH injections that is best for everyone, the GH type is selected individually.

Main Types of HGH Injections by Brands

As you already know, pharmaceutical GH injections are offered in different forms and differ by the number of UIs and types of supply. Let’s review the eight most recognized providers of GH injections on the market.


Being in use since 1996, Genotropin is an original American brand of man-made growth hormone. This synthetic growth hormone is manufactured by Pfizer Inc., one of the largest American pharmacology corporation. Pfizer corporation owns the original patent for injectable growth hormone. The injectable Genotropin costs almost $20.00 per UI.


This artificial growth hormone is released under Eli Lilly and Company brand, which is one of the main competitors of Pfizer Inc. Humatrope is available as a pharmaceutical treatment for more than 30 years. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the usage of this man-made hormone in 1998. Humatrope has the same 191 amino acids as Genotropin. The price of Humatrope ranges from 20.00 to 23.00 per injection unit.


Omnitrope is manufactured by Sandoz, the leading company in generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars. You can find this recombinant HGH injection in a syringe set, an ampul, or in a pen. Sandoz claims that the liquid cartridge in the pen injector remains appropriate for usage for 28 days after being open.


Zomacton is a synthesized growth hormone that contains 191 amino acids and considered to be a medium purity one. The production of this hormone is managed by Ferring Pharmaceuticals or Ferring Holding SA, a research-driven pharmaceutical company specializing in reproductive medicine. The price of Zomacton is less than that of Genotropin or Humatrope.


Produced by a Danish international pharmaceutical company, this HGH injection is known under various names including SimpleXx, NordiFlex, and Norditropin Flexpro. Norditropin is often released as an injectable pen. The cost is starting from 13.00 to 20.00 per injectable unit that is almost the price of Genotropin.


This synthetic GH is produced by EMD Serono – a biopharmaceutical company located in Germany. Zorbtive is considered to be a high purity injection. Since Zorbtive includes 191 amino acids created by a method of genetic recombination, this injection is absolutely identical to the dominant form of growth hormone developed by the human pituitary gland.


Serostim is one more form of GH injections provided by EMD Serono. This injection is available on the market starting from 2002. Serostim differs from other synthetically derived types of GH as it’s the newest generation of injectable HGH. Serostim is the only pharmaceutical injection that got approval from the FDA to be used as a treatment for HIV patients aimed to help them lose weight.


Saizen is one more man-made growth hormone distributed by EMD Serono. These injections come in dosages from 8mg to 20mg and available at almost the same purity and price as Norditropin.

Can you find the best HGH injection?

Many patients are consumed with the selection of HGH injections and often ask if there is any type of synthetic GH treatment that is better than others. As we mentioned above, all available variations of synthesized growth hormone injections differ by the required dosages and types of supply.

Each laboratory-derived growth hormone is safe enough especially if you prefer the well-recognized GH brands mentioned above and refuse to buy from unknown brands. This is why there’s no universal type of GH injections that will cure better than others. Ask a physician to prescribe you the dosage and type of GH injection that meets your health goals the best.

Since some sports organizations prohibit growth hormone injections, people start to suspect this treatment can harm their health. To be honest, HGH injections can be harmful only in case if you ignore the doctor’s recommendations and exceed your dosage. Another risk is when you start the GH therapy without any health screening and without appropriate medical diagnostics.

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Although GH treatment is as safe as any other medical procedure, it may have some side effects. Potential adverse effects of HGH injections include:

  • pain or rashes at the injection site;
  • hands and feet swelling;
  • joint pain;
  • headaches.

You don’t need to worry or panic about these adverse effects as a consulting physician will explain every detail on how to properly make GH injections as well as thoroughly monitor your health throughout the whole hormone replacement therapy (HRT) term. Besides, if you experience any unwanted side effects, report them to a doctor and ask a doctor to correct the dosage for you. 

How much your HRT costs?

The injections of human-identical GH may significantly differ in price per injectable unit. Key factors forming the price of your GH treatment include your health condition, your personal expectations, and, of course, a brand producing the man-made growth hormone treatments. In average, you may get a monthly bill starting from $800 up to $3000 for your HRT.

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How long does the effect of HGH injections last?

Some patients wonder about the term of positive changes from GH injections and how long the effects last based on the brand. It’s important to mention that the effects of GH therapy may differ depending on lots of individual factors including the difference in how each patient perceives the therapy and personal tolerance.

Usually, the brand of HGH injections has no impact on your treatment results. As a rule, a doctor offers a little dosage they consider to be efficient to check whether you go well with GH injections. In general, patients begin with four injectable units per week.

During the therapy, a doctor monitors your health condition on a regular basis to see the improvements and prevent unwanted side effects. The dosage can be increased up to eight injectable units based on your diagnostic results.

If you aim to get significant results from your GH therapy, be ready to keep receiving HGH injections from six months up to one year. Throughout the whole treatment course, a doctor will be checking your health state and correct the dosage if it is required for further treatment.

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Now you’re aware of the GH therapy types and their positive effects on your body, so it’s your turn to improve your well-being with the help of HGH injections. Contact us, and our medical experts will help you select the right HRT best suited for your goals in terms of recovery and health improvement. Click the image below to get in touch.

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