benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: 8 Outstanding Benefits

Hormonal health issues often disturb thousands of men and women of different ages. Common reasons for hormonal imbalance include stress, being overweight, endocrine disorders, aging, and more.

Hormonal imbalance could be managed with BHRT – bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. BHRT aimed to diminish hormone imbalance symptoms by replacing missing hormones with required levels, helping patients to improve their quality of life.

Want to know more about BHRT? Take a closer look at the benefits of bioidentical hormones.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy benefits

bioidentical hormone therapy benefits

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses hormones extracted from plants. The chemical structure of those hormones is similar to human hormones’ structure. That’s why bioidentical hormones are considered a healthier way to deal with hormone disproportion in our organism, compared to hormones of animal origin. While traditional hormone replacement therapy raises several concerns, BHRT is gaining popularity and credibility. The reasons why people should consider BHRT lies in the key benefits of bioidentical hormones.

Provides personalized therapy

One of the great BHRT benefits includes a personalized medicine approach. Traditional hormone replacement therapy uses medications that consist of a certain set of hormones. Such a “one size fits all” approach can be harmful to patients who require specific dosages. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy includes preliminary examination which serves as the basis for preparing personalized dosage, based on one’s hormone deficits. BHRT delivers the hormones your body specifically needs.

Normalizes mood and sleep

does bioidentical hormones help with weight loss

The lack of main sex hormones, (estrogen and testosterone) deeply affects serotonin production. Low levels of happy hormones make us irritable, exhausted, and anxious, which leads to sleep deprivation. Normalizing hormone levels with bioidentical hormones return our ability to deal with stress, think better, and feel relaxed. As a result, our mood stabilizes, and we improve our sleep.

Keeps your body strong

Aging is associated with a loss of strength and energy. Hormonal imbalance causes osteoporosis (makes our bones brittle) and muscle breakdown. But it shouldn’t be a rule. Replacing missing hormones with bioidentical ones protects bones from thinning and allows muscles to grow in combination with physical activity.

Improves sexual life

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps to enjoy sexual life even if you’ve reached menopause or andropause. Such aging-related symptoms as vaginal dryness for women and low libido for men are possible to overcome with the right dosage of bioidentical hormones. BHRT can provide you with an individual hormone set to help you feel sensual again.

Prevents weight gain

bioidentical hormone therapy benefits

Estrogen and testosterone in men’s and women’s bodies control fat distribution mechanisms. When we lack those hormones, our bodies start to accumulate abdominal fat. Combined with less activity and decreased metabolism, it could lead to obesity and heart disease. BHRT restores estrogen and testosterone stocks, keeping nutrient processing at optimal levels.

Boosts energy level

Balanced hormones increase our energy level so we can easily continue our full-of-events life. Taking bioidentical hormones helps keep our mind focused, get enough sleep and stay active in any life situation.

Prevents heart diseases

Estrogen and testosterone hormones control our cardiovascular function. The lack of these components can lead to coronary artery disease, ruin blood vessels and increase cholesterol levels. Bioidentical hormones can keep our hearts strong and healthy.

Relieves menopause or andropause symptoms

benefits of bioidentical hormones

The transition period from reproductive to post-reproductive age is often accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. Women experience hot flashes and night sweats, bloating, mood swings, and more. Men notice a decrease in cognitive function and physical stamina and experience sexual dysfunction. BHRT helps to overcome menopause and andropause symptoms, leading the way to a quality life.

These are just common benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy which can help you keep a healthy life. Anyone can benefit from BHRT, when it’s wisely prescribed and personally adjacent. If you have any questions about BHRT, feel free to contact our experts through the contact form on our website. We’ll gladly address all your concerns.

Wrapping up

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy could be a convenient and effective tool for dealing with hormone imbalance consequences. While traditional hormone therapy can’t provide safer treatment, BHRT becomes more demanded. Let’s sum up what BHRT benefits are there:

  • provides personalized therapy,
  • normalizes mood and sleep,
  • keeps your body strength,
  • improves sexual life,
  • prevents weight gain,
  • boosts energy levels,
  • prevents heart diseases,
  • relieves menopause or andropause symptoms.

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