Sermorelin acetate results

Key Benefits of Sermorelin Treatment

Find the best human growth hormone restoration and sermorelin therapy for adults above 30 years, targeting anti-aging and overall human health.

Deficiency of the human growth hormone results in a syndrome characterized by decreased muscle and bone mass, decreased exercise capacity, lower energy levels, lower libido, increased body fat, aging skin, a slower metabolism, increased cardiovascular risk, and increased chances of mortality.

If you are an adult above the age of 30, these symptoms should not surprise you. This is because, at this age, HGH is produced in smaller amounts in both men and women.

In short, a deficiency of the growth hormone can affect every sphere of your daily life and lead to impaired quality of life in general. It is not the end of the road though. In case you are experiencing these symptoms and would love to get your mojo back, try sermorelin therapy.

This refers to an anti-aging injection-based therapy with the purpose of replacing the lost human growth hormone with a compound known as sermorelin acetate which will in turn stimulate the secretion of the growth hormone. It normally takes a few months after being administered for effects to become noticeable and a couple of days or weeks in other patients.

Sermorelin acetate results

After undergoing the treatment, it is recommended you exercise so as to maximize or accelerate results but it doesn’t mean there won’t be substantial benefits if you don’t. Additionally, it is important to know what to expect as some sermorelin benefits are quickly noticed compared to others. For example, while it may take longer for skin elasticity and tone to improve, expect symptoms like energy and libido levels to improve much sooner.

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Though results may vary from one patient to another, sermorelin treatment can benefit you in a variety of ways. It can lead to:

  • Increased lean body mass
  • Fat reduction
  • Improved energy
  • Increased vitality
  • Increased strength
  • Increased endurance
  • Accelerated wound healing
  • Improved cardiovascular function
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved skin density and higher collagen density

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Improved exercise performance

If you are looking to accelerate your recovery and put on muscle faster than you are used to, then this treatment is right for you. Sermorelin results in the restoration of your human growth hormone levels which makes exercise easier and gives you more energy that enables you to get through strenuous workouts. This guarantees an improved exercise performance though it requires some patience as it usually takes up to six months after starting the treatment for noticeable results.

Improved muscle strength

As you age, it becomes more difficult to change the composition of your body due to the decrease in the production of the human growth hormone and the long-term effects of carrying excess fat which may change your body’s chemistry and metabolism and make it hard for you to lose weight. Sermorelin benefits you by increasing the production of HGH which promotes the burning of the adipose tissue for energy and can improve a slow metabolism.

There is a strong correlation between increased growth hormone production and burning of visceral fat, also, patients experience more rapid muscle gain when exercising while taking sermorelin than they would without the therapy. In case you are undergoing this treatment and would love to achieve quick results, always remember to exercise regularly.

Improved heart health and bone mineral density

Some studies have linked the deficiency of the human growth hormone with a higher risk of heart disorders such as a reduction in left ventricular mass, decreased fractional shortening of cardiac myocytes, and decreased cardiac output. According to statistics, many patients who develop heart disease and disorders also suffer from a reduction in human growth hormone production which can be corrected by sermorelin.

For instance, HGH supplementation has proven to be effective when it comes to improving symptoms for patients who suffer from congestive heart failure. Sermorelin therapy can thus help protect against heart diseases and cardiovascular problems as it aids in the restoration of HGH to its normal levels. It can also increase bone density to youthful levels as a result of preventing debilitating injuries which are known to increase with age.

Improved mood and libido

Lower hormone levels are usually associated with lower energy levels. Sermorelin results in increased production of HGH which can provide a boost in energy levels and improve mood. This can help in the treatment of mood disorders like anxiety and depression. On the other hand, a decreased libido can be a sign of decreased production of testosterone and estrogen but it can be improved by restoring normal levels of the human growth hormone. Generally, after undergoing this treatment, patients experience a feeling of well-being whether they suffer from low libido or any mood disorder.

Sermorelin how long to see results

Improved quality of life

There is an overall improved quality of life for individuals after starting sermorelin therapy as assessed by both self-rating questionnaires and objective measures such as days absent from work. This improvement occurs as soon as three months after starting the therapy and continues for up to ten years.

Indications for HGH replacement

Up until 1996, this treatment was limited to promoting growth in children with confirmed HGH deficiency. Later, it was used to promote growth in other conditions associated with short stature such as Turner syndrome.

About 20 years ago, compelling evidence for a clinical syndrome in adults with growth hormone deficiency was published and accepted but the optimal criteria to select patients who might benefit from sermorelin therapy still remains controversial. This is regardless of the several consensus guidelines that have been published on the management of HGH deficiency with sermorelin acetate.

In general, hormone therapies are prescribed to people with officially diagnosed hormone issues and those with adverse cardiovascular risks. For those children already under treatment, a continuation of therapy is recommended till adolescence when they are transitioning to adulthood to allow full skeletal and muscle maturation. This is because discontinuation in this transitioning population has been associated with the worsening of lipoprotein profiles and body composition.

Initiation and monitoring

The treatment in adults is individualized regardless of weight but in regards to the individual’s age, gender, and estrogen status. It can be taken in form of pills, patches, or supplements but prescription-based injection therapy is normally the most effective and only true choice. Low-dose injections that may be titrated at 6-8 weeks to minimize the likelihood of side effects are thus given when starting your treatment.

For women taking oral estrogen treatment, higher doses of sermorelin acetate are required, because oral estrogen prevents the production and secretion of HGH by a first-pass effect. Once dosing is stabilized, clinical assessment and evaluation for side effects are carried out in intervals.

Does sermorelin really work

You may see quicker results within a few weeks but for real results, it is advisable to continue the therapy for at least three to six months. Since there are no long-term side effects, you can remain under treatment for up to a year for youthful body composition, higher bone density, and improved skin quality. In short, there is no defined duration of sermorelin therapy.

The treatment may continue if the therapy is tolerated and if there is a clinical response. Nonetheless, if there is no significant improvement after one year of treatment, then it may be appropriate to stop it.

Side effects and risks

Side effects are normally as a result of improper administration of the therapy such as the use of higher than recommended doses, with much older and more obese patients being the most susceptible. The most common side effects in adults result from fluid retention and worsening of glucose tolerance. They may include;

  • Gynecomastia
  • Macular edema
  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • In order to limit these side effects, it is important to buy the original medicine legally and ensures you receive a prescription

In conclusion, human growth hormone decline, which mostly begins at the age of 30, can be detrimental. For any adult experiencing this, it’s not the end of the road. Sermorelin therapy can be administered to help in the restoration of this hormone which is responsible for keeping the body youthful and preventing age-related conditions which can adversely affect an individual’s day-to-day life.

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