Testosterone Therapy Before and After – Real Photos of Patients

Testosterone Injections – Before and After Photos to Compare the Results

Are you looking for testosterone injections – before and after photos? Read further to learn the real stories of patients and compare their results!

Most people are currently able to easily learn the state of their health by undergoing specific diagnostics and clinical evaluation which is quite affordable almost in any country across the globe.

We all use cutting-edge gadgets and apps, so we are able to find the solutions for any problems as well as immediately learn the symptoms of any disorders on the Web.

If you feel that your physical and mental state becomes worse day by day and this makes you suspect the hormone hunger, it would be better to consider the risk of possible health issues and address a physician to start the treatment in time.

Low levels of testosterone in your blood are the reason for starting the replacement therapy to avoid unwanted sequences for your health. So let’s see what results you get in the end and review some testosterone before and after photos in this post.

Testosterone Injection: Indications, Benefits and Side Effects

Testosterone is responsible for lots of human health systems including muscles, bones, mood, sexual activity, and more. The greatest levels of testosterone are typical of the teen age; this is why the teenagers experience increased sex drive during their pubertal growth stage.

As we age, the production of T-hormone gradually decreases, so most middle-aged folks often experience low libido, feel more exhausted or suffer from some age-related disorders.

Before and After Testosterone Therapy Happy Mature Couple

Once you face minimal inconveniences, don’t hesitate to visit a thyroid specialist for medical evaluation and physical tests to learn if you require hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone injections are much more efficient than pills, so they are most of the time prescribed to the patients after all specific analyses have been made and diagnostic results are ready.

When and how to make testosterone injections?

Each specific hormone is responsible for a certain function in a human’s body like memory, nerves, cogitation, etc. Any minimal hormone disorders can bring the malfunction of the body’s organs.

The normal parameters of testosterone vary from 300 to 1000 ng/dL. According to the World Health Organization, unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs, and over-nutrition combined with adverse environmental conditions decrease the level of testosterone as well as aging.

Low levels of T-hormone are harmful because of the high risk of the following disorders:

  • excessive weight;
  • sexual drive decrease;
  • poor spermiation;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • hair loss;
  • lassitude and chronic fatigue;
  • depression;
  • worse memory;
  • weak muscles and bones.

The extremely low T-hormone parameters discovered by a blood test are the main indication for starting testosterone replacement therapy in the form of injections.

Before you come up with the idea to start diagnostics and treatment, please contact a qualified specialist for proper evaluation. You can start by contacting one of our experts and getting an absolutely free consultation on a real-time basis.

Once a patient is prescribed testosterone replacement therapy, a thyroid specialist creates an individual plan of treatment based on the health evaluation results and recommendations of a family doctor.

An average term of testosterone replacement therapy consists of 3 to 6 months, however, sometimes a patient may need a 1-year long therapy if it is prescribed based on their health condition.

Here are the key changes that a patient admits during TRT treatment:

The 1st Week of the Therapy

The very first injection brings remarkable improvement to the endocrine system. A patient may feel more energetic, active, and brisk. Among the changes of appearance, one can notice the hair loss decreased and the skin became cleaner and softer.

2 Weeks of T-Hormone Treatment

The 14th day of testosterone therapy brings brighter thoughts, better memory, and increased sexual drive. Erectile function is now a bit improved and sexual intercourse brings more satisfaction. Both men and women feel an increase in energy, a better quality of sleep, raised activity, better concentration, and motivation.

If you’ve got used to feeling sleepy all day and rundown in the evening, now you’ll be able to spend romantic evenings with your beloved one as well as forget of any irritation. You’ll be able to complete the tasks you planned long ago but were too exhausted to fulfill.

3 Weeks of TRT

If you’ve been suffering from excessive weight then after the third week of TRT treatment you’ll admit the reduced weight and fat which is going to result in a better shape. Patients confirm the health of their skin, nails, and hair is now significantly improved and they appreciate the reduced hair loss.

Patients receiving testosterone injections for more than 20 days confirm their depression symptoms have gone away together with a permanently bad mood and memory troubles.

A Month (4-5 Weeks) of Therapy

Both physical and mental state is improved during the fourth to fifth weeks of the therapy. If a patient used to suffer from mood swings or back pain attacks, now they can feel significant relief.

You become more confident and organized; you can reach better results in your business or career thanks to improved memory and cognitive capacity.

This stage of the treatment also brings much better sexual performance, so men get rid of problems with erections and enjoy much longer sexual intercourse while women admit an improved sexual drive and desire.

2 Months of Testosterone Treatment

This period of treatment is marked by improved extraversion and the ability to easily communicate with friends and relatives without conflicts. Hair gains a much better condition and you continue losing weight.

In most cases, this is the final stage of the therapy because the blood tests now mostly show the appropriate level of testosterone. But for some patients, this stage is not the final one because the negative changes they’ve faced before haven’t yet been eliminated.

It’s required to visit a thyroid specialist every 2 months during the therapy to monitor the state of health and the changes that appear. You should make the tests to admit the improved parameters and the positive changes that happen.

If you still feel often tired or experience some sexual problems from time to time, you should better continue the therapy, of course, based on the clinical evaluation.

Testosterone Injections Before and After Photos Mature Women Talking

3-4 Months of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Usually, patients consider 12-20 weeks of testosterone injections to be enough for them to feel better, so both men and women give up treatment without completing the therapy in a proper way.

In practice, this period of treatment is not enough because the production of the required amount of testosterone hasn’t yet been enabled. The body is stressed so it isn’t yet able to get used to new levels of hormones and it is used to receive it just externally. If a patient stops the therapy, they can face some unwanted health issues because the body and brain work in a new, unfamiliar, way.

Even if the first blood tests are ok, you should make sure that your endocrine system has accepted new conditions and it is ready for proper testosterone production. Since that period your treatment plan is going to contain fewer but regular injections needed to support your health.

5-6 Months of the Cycle

During this period most patients admit the stability of their blood pressure and now they are able to do sports and exercise without specific efforts. As they continue to lose weight, they feel more sexually attractive and this has a good impact on their self-confidence.

This term of therapy increases spermiation as well as improves sexual drive. In addition, a patient observes the following benefits:

  • decreased cholesterol;
  • elimination of chronic fatigue and depressive mood;
  • quiet sleep;
  • better work of the immune system;

and more.

7-9 Months of Therapy

This period is the very one when patients admit impressive improvements, so now they can compare the testosterone results before and after the TRT treatment. People that used to suffer from insomnia are now able to have quality sleep without regular awakening.

Those who suffered from fatigue now feel more energetic, and those who had significant problems with excessive weight, bones, muscles, and sexual health, are now feeling almost completely recovered.

At this period the injections are required a bit rare, so a doctor changes the individual plan based on the needs of the patient. You still need to regularly visit your physician and make blood tests.

10-12 Months of TRT

This period of treatment is not always required for every patient, so it is chosen by a doctor just for complicated cases and for definite patients individually.

If you follow the recommendations of your thyroid specialist in a proper way, then before and after testosterone results start to be visible after the 6 months of the therapy.

When the cycle is completed, your body is able to produce the proper levels of testosterone for the normal functioning of all organs and systems. The treatment brings benefits both to the physical and mental state in general.

A patient should seriously treat the therapy and be responsible for their health, so quitting bad habits will be a perfect idea. A doctor is going to recommend you change your lifestyle choices as well as start regular exercising. In the case of a proper lifestyle and healthy nutrition, you’ll be completely satisfied with your testosterone before and after therapy photos.

Before and After Testosterone Replacement Therapy Photos – Real Stories of Patients

Before you resolve starting testosterone replacement therapy based on your clinical evaluation, it’s important to see the results of patients that have already completed a full cycle and are happy to share their stories as well as show testosterone before and after therapy photos.

People share their experiences to tell what problems have been solved with the help of TRT, and those issues refer both to their physical and mental state, both to their health and appearance.

Numerous photos of patients on the Web prove that, in the case of a proper approach, people are significantly changed for the better. Stories of real people speaking of their achievements in careers, personal life, and sports also inspire.

The real testosterone before and after therapy photos and stories of patients prove that people have a better appearance, muscle mass, mood, energy, activity, and sexual life.

Let’s review a few real stories that patients have shared with a clinic.

Testosterone Before and After Results: The Story of John

John is a middle-aged landscape designer from New England who lives with his family in Newton. Five years ago he was happy enough thanks to his beautiful wife, 2 pretty daughters, and happy life in a big house within a local green area.

When he was 32 years old John started to gain weight. This happened after another vacation where he had a rest with no exercising and eating too much unhealthy food.

John started to attend the gym but this wasn’t a solution because the weight increased anyway. He admitted the worsening of his sexual life quality; his life has turned into a routine, and more conflicts with his wife became the reason for kids to suffer day after day.

One day his wife Catherine told him she had filed for divorce. This fact shocked John a lot because he still loved his wife and didn’t wish to lose their family.

Another trouble was that both John and Catherine wanted to have a third child but since his wife didn’t get pregnant for a long time, they both resolved to undergo a complete physical which showed she was completely healthy and the problem was not from her side.

In addition, the clinical evaluation showed that John had an extremely low testosterone level (250 units under the required levels) which affected his spermiation and the quality of sperm in general.

A thyroid specialist recommended John start testosterone replacement therapy to eliminate his health problems, lose weight, and improve spermiation. In addition, the doctor advised him to do sports and quit smoking because this was important for therapy to take effect.

Testosterone Therapy Before and After Photos Johns Story

John has undergone the necessary tests and started the therapy right as soon as it was possible. The first significant testosterone results before and after therapy were already visible in a month after the first injection.

John’s weight was reduced and his gym exercises started to bring the desired effect. His muscle mass increased and his sexual drive improved as well. 2 months of therapy resulted in the following improvements:

  • muscle growth;
  • better erectile function;
  • improved mood;
  • enhanced sexual activity;
  • longer sexual intercourse.

The divorce process was stopped ’cause the family’s quality of life has been improved together with the improved John’s health. His testosterone replacement therapy has been being provided for 6 months (25 weeks). John visited a thyroid specialist every 3 weeks for clinical evaluation.

In the end, John was able to lose excess weight, and his wife got pregnant right after he had completed his TRT therapy. The photo above shows John’s testosterone results before and after 3 months of therapy.

Testosterone Before and After Results: The Story of Mike

Sometimes people address a thyroid specialist if they just want to increase their muscle mass and improve physical parameters before sports competitions. However, it’s not recommended by doctors to undergo the TRT if your testosterone levels are within normal limits.

Lots of bodybuilders often attend physicians to get prescriptions for testosterone supplements and injections just for achieving better sports results. Even if such patients find a specialist ready to prescribe them such supplements without clinical evaluation, they are going to obviously face negative irreversible effects on their health and hormonal system in general.

In some cases, people who just want to start TRT for increasing their muscle mass go to the clinic and undergo medical tests that show that the therapy is indicated because of the unexpectedly low testosterone levels discovered by the diagnostics.

Mike’s story started 2 years ago when he resolved to take some testosterone injections both to grow the volume of his muscles and get rid of some health issues. Mike was 21 years old and he started to take supplements available for sale anywhere on the web without specific permissions and licenses.

After taking such supplements he discovered that his physical state worsened because he experienced regular headaches and chronic fatigue every morning and day after day.

Feeling sick was the reason for him to quit taking those meds and start training hard. However, his physical state was ruined and he often felt completely exhausted even after his average training and wasn’t able to sleep and rest during the night because of insomnia.

When Mike attended a thyroid specialist, his blood tests showed extremely low levels of testosterone which damaged the hormone circulation. The task of a doctor was to restore his endocrine system after a course of illegal drugs he took before. As a result, he was recommended to receive testosterone injections for 2 months.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Before and After Pictures Mikes Results

In several weeks after the start of testosterone replacement therapy, Mike admitted the improved health and was already able to come back to his everyday life and his routine of gym training. Mike reported the following improvements:

  • better activity and increased energy;
  • better sleep;
  • decreased symptoms of depression;
  • improved hair growth;
  • normalized appetite.

At the end of the 9th week of testosterone replacement therapy, Mike experienced much more strength and increased energy to feel active till late at night. He also admitted an extremely enhanced sexual drive and better relationships with his girlfriend.

Now Mike undergoes regular clinical evaluation once a month and consults a thyroid specialist to monitor the level of testosterone in his blood and avoid unwanted dropping.

You can see Mike’s testosterone before and after results in the photos above.

Testosterone Before and After – Final Thoughts

Except for the stories told by men above, there are lots of improvements experienced by women as well. Their sexual drive and physical health parameters were much enhanced and now their physical and mental state is less dependent on any hormonal swings.

The stable levels of testosterone gained after the replacement therapy brought them the benefits like:

  • increased sexual drive;
  • decreased cholesterol;
  • better sleep and mood;
  • reduced symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression;
  • weight and fat loss.

If you suspect you’ve got the hormone hunger and your testosterone level is decreased resulting in permanent lassitude, irritation, and lowered libido, don’t hesitate to address a thyroid specialist and undergo the diagnostics to estimate your testosterone level and start replacement therapy if required.

Feel free to get in touch with one of our qualified experts to get a free consultation in real-time and learn everything you need to know concerning the possible treatment.