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HGH Gel: Scam or Not? Side Effects & Reviews

If you google ‘HGH gel’, you’ll definitely come across information about its ‘miracle’ anti-aging and weight loss features. You’ll also see marketing offers that compliment several products. Unfortunately, the promises marketers put on their ads have no scientific background whatsoever.

HGH gels, such as Somaderm or Dermatropin, are positioned as homeopathic supplements that don’t require physician prescription or medical consultation and are available to anyone over 18 years old to purchase through the Internet. The companies promoting HGH gels, persuade people with an adequate growth hormone level to spend money on an arguable remedy. The number of sales is terrifying. One company managed to sell half a million HGH gel bottles in the first year of the sales launch.

These numbers prove only the successful marketing strategies, but not happy and healthy customers. Is there any science behind transdermal HGH gels and what treatment works for growth hormone deficiency? Let’s see.

What is HGH gel?

Being homeopathy supplements, HGH gels leverage the principle of dilution or microdosing. Homeopathy uses a dilution ratio of 1:10, this means that on 1 portion of active substance there are 9 portions of solvent. If you check the ingredients of popular HGH gels, you’ll discover somatropin (growth hormone) proportion equals 30X.

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This 30X designation refers to the potency scale of an active substance, where X is the 1:10 proportion and 30 means that the concentration of an active substance is 10 with -30th power. According to the homeopathic potency chart, mixtures with 26X potency and higher are considered to contain no molecules of solute. So, it’s doubtful that HGH gels contain growth hormones.

Is HGH gel effective?

The other problem occurs with the transdermal administration of HGH. Human growth hormone is a hydrophilic protein molecule, whose size doesn’t allow the molecule to penetrate the skin. Passive transdermal delivery of proteins through the stratum corneum is impossible, the process requires different types of enhancers. Even if HGH gels contained enough GH to cause a therapeutic effect, they wouldn’t be able to administer them.

Homeopathy supporters claim that highly diluted mixtures might be more potent, but a systematic review of homeopathic treatment trials reveals no studies to prove the effectiveness of such treatment. No matter how marketers try to convince customers of the benefits of HGH gels, the effect of transdermal growth hormone gels is yet to be proven.

Somaderm gel: a legal perspective, side effects, reviews

Somaderm is one of the homeopathic HGH gels available in the market. The NDC code of Somaderm is 61877-0005-1. The Somatropin concentration in this gel is 30X. Such a level of dilution excludes any chances that the gel contains at least one growth hormone molecule.

Is Somaderm FDA-approved?

The short answer is no. Currently, the FDA doesn’t approve any homeopathic products. Even if the manufacturing facility is FDA-registered, this doesn’t mean the Food and Drug Administration evaluated the medication for safety and efficacy. Besides, Somaderm HGH gel maker, New U Life, posted a disclaimer on their website which says the gel isn’t evaluated by the FDA and doesn’t apply to any disease.

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Such a disclaimer is no surprise because authorities warned New U Life not to claim or imply the HGH gel is FDA-approved. They are only allowed to state their manufacturing facilities are FDA-registered. It appears New U Life salesforce continues to disseminate false statements about their product legitimacy.

Beware of marketing tricks

Some of the benefits Somaderm HGH gel makers promise to the customers include reducing fat, better sleep, sexual function improvement, and strengthening muscles and bones. However, there are no clinical trials to support any of these claims.

New U Life on their website refers to independent, third-party trials which demonstrate natural GH growth by up to 800% in volunteers, but finding any links to official sources is hard enough. Also, the 800% increase in GH raises concerns. People do lose growth hormones with aging, but how fast? After 30 years of life, the human body experiences a GH decline by approximately 15% for every ten years of adult life. How can increasing growth hormone by 800% percent be healthy and beneficial?

When dealing with alternative medicine, it would be helpful to look at marketing statements with criticism. New U Life is an MLM company, which recruits distributors from their customers. Those people do not necessarily understand the medical aspects of the product they sell. That is why the Internet is full of stories about how HGH gel is beneficial, life-changing, and so on. Again, no scientific evidence to support those claims.

Customer reviews on Somaderm gel

Distributors of Somaderm gel, while extolling the benefits of the product, often forget to mention any side effects and negative reactions. Some people could experience allergic reactions to herbal ingredients present in Somaderm gel. Because the government doesn’t regulate homeopathic products, there’s no official data on the possible side effects of Somaderm gel.

Moreover, many people share their stories of harmful experiences of using Somaderm gel. There’s a Facebook page that’s called “Somaderm HGH gel scam”, where people post truthful reviews of the product. Somaderm side effects people experience after using this HGH gel include:

  • skin rashes,
  • headache,
  • weight gain,
  • upset stomach,
  • sleep deprivation,
  • mood swings,
  • pain in joints,
  • hair loss,
  • rectal bleeding,
  • hormonal disbalance.

There are no medicines without side effects, even slight ones. If supplements such as Somaderm HGH gel do not provide warnings about possible adverse reactions, they sell a placebo or it’s a scam.

HGH gel alternatives

Growth hormone deficiency is a severe condition that requires proper treatment. If you have such a diagnosis, the only FDA-approved option is to use growth hormone injections. GH macromolecules can’t penetrate under the skin and are damaged when taken by mouth. Only a medical practitioner can prescribe legal human growth hormone therapy, guided by preliminary tests and exam results. The treatment aims to cure specific medical conditions such as GHD or HIV-associated wasting. Here’s a comparison table of HGH gel and injection features.

HGH gel vs HGH injections

Injectable HGH is approved and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and has scientific support for its benefits and risks. Unlike homeopathic HGH gels, injections contain enough growth hormone to cause a therapeutic effect on patients and its dosage is regulated by medical professionals. There’s no way you can legally buy injectable HGH without a prescription.

Legal HGH therapy, besides normalizing growth hormone levels, improves patients’ physiological state which is shown in the studies with growth hormone deficient patients. The effects include fat tissue reduction, increased muscle and bone strength, improved mood and energy levels, and overall vitality improvement.

If you’re concerned about your growth hormone levels and want more about GH deficiency treatment, contact our experts to receive detailed guidelines on how to improve your quality of life with HGH injections.

Key takeaways

Be careful with the health and wellness products that promote miracle cures for any medical condition, but are available without medical consultation or prescription. No HGH gel can deliver growth hormones through the skin. Some organizations claim their products are FDA-approved, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find out sentence misuse and twisting facts. Protect yourself from an HGH gel scam, turn to a healthcare provider to examine your condition, and give you a prescription for legal HGH injections. You can always ask questions to our experts by filling out the form, and we’ll help you choose the proper treatment for you.