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Cost of Testosterone Replacement. How Much Does Testosterone Cost?

Testosterone replacement therapy is prescribed to patients with hormone hunger who require receiving a T-hormone externally (from injections or herbal supplements). If we speak of testosterone therapy costs, they vary depending on the needs of a patient and the term of the therapy starting from 6 months up to 1 year.

The lack of testosterone affects the body in a negative way resulting in worse physical and mental activity, reduced sexual drive, and slowed metabolic processes which bring excessive weight, fatigue, and even depression. In the case of a proper treatment plan and dosage, testosterone replacement therapy significantly improves the quality of life in a multitude of aspects.

cost of testosterone replacement

In this post, we are going to review the symptoms of hormone hunger that need to be treated as well as define crucial factors determining the price of TRT treatment for a patient. Let’s see.

Symptoms of Testosterone Lack

As we age, the levels of testosterone gradually drop, so the sexual drive and activity consequently decrease. The levels of T-hormone decline by 1% each year starting from the age of over 30. When the testosterone levels are extremely low men experience andropause which mostly happens at the age of 50 (someone starts admitting the andropause symptoms right over the age of 40).

The decrease in hormone levels has a significant impact on the appearance and overall health. The following symptoms may be observed:

  • decreased libido; worse erection; troubles with ejaculation;
  • reduced muscle mass; lack of strength and energy;
  • decreased bone density;
  • excessive weight and basting fat;
  • lessened body hair, and high pitched voice.

Once you’ve started to experience some of the mentioned above symptoms, take your time to visit a thyroid specialist to avoid more harmful changes to your health.

You’ll be offered to undergo specific medical tests that show the real parameters of hormone hunger with ease. Clinical evaluation is able to determine the lack of testosterone which requires the proper treatment. After the tests, a doctor is going to create an individual treatment plan suited for a patient.

It’s important to learn the causes of testosterone lack in your blood to prevent it in the future. The only unchangeable cause is aging but age-related changes are going to be less harmful in the case of healthy lifestyle choices.

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Whatever the cause of hormone hunger is, its sequences are possible to be eliminated with proper treatment. The only precaution for testosterone replacement therapy is prostate cancer which requires quite another medical approach.

Testosterone Shots Cost

As patients are aware that hormone replacement therapy takes some time (and mostly it is a significant period of time), they are curious about the real testosterone injections cost to learn what aspects to keep in view in advance.

If your blood tests show that therapy is required, now it’s time to choose whether to keep your money in your bank account or invest them in your health. Let’s see what components form the cost of TRT, they are as follows:

  • term of the therapy based on the hormone hunger levels;
  • additional options within the individual treatment plan;
  • price of the meds and their doses;
  • insurance coverage for laboratory tests and prescribed medication.

As the replacement therapy lasts for a certain period of time, its price consists of the costs for several different services that are supposed to be included in the process of treatment. Let’s review them further.

Blood Tests

Before a doctor is able to prescribe a certain treatment, a specific laboratory evaluation is required. Several certain analyses help to determine the level of existing disorders caused by the hormone hunger as well as identify the term of treatment within the individual plan for a patient.

If you’re starting the treatment without insurance, then blood tests are considered to be the most expensive part of treatment. All the necessary lab work may cost about $1,500. Typically, these expenses are covered by the standard insurance plan, so it would be great if you get in touch with your insurance provider and learn what costs are available to cover the price of healthcare services you require.

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Price shouldn’t be a deal-breaker when it comes to your health and quality of life; this is why you should just compare what you get in the end if you receive the treatment and what you’ve currently got without the treatment at all.

Before the therapy, you will also be able to undergo the free online evaluation and attend a doctor in terms of a promo visit which costs much lower than a standard doctor appointment in the US.

If you’re interested in learning the true health issue or you’ve experienced the symptoms signalizing a hormone hunger, it would be better to make an initial test on the Web before you attend a clinic.

Doctor’s Consultation

After the blood test results have been evaluated by a medical expert, a patient receives an individual treatment plan prescribed by a thyroid specialist. The approximate testosterone therapy cost will be about $2,000 including the complete regular monitoring of your health state for the first year. The lab work a year after the therapy costs about $500 per year.

Medication Expenses

Usually, patients should pay $30 per month for medical supplies but the exact price may vary depending on the provider of medication and the dosage prescribed. This price is counted if you get the treatment based on your personal costs without insurance.

The expenses also depend on the price of additional medications including such as estrogen-blocking drugs, the ones for curing the adrenal bod, treating the thyroid gland, etc.

Some clinics collaborate with local pharmacies, so they offer the medication at good discounts and a patient is able to get them at a reasonable price.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost

In some cases, the total testosterone therapy cost including doctor consultations, laboratory tests, and required and additional medications can go about $3,000 without insurance. The follow-up monitoring including the laboratory tests and physical evaluation can vary from $500 up to $1,500 per year.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve learned, the total price usually covers the cost of testosterone injections, blood tests, and prescribed meds. If your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of laboratory tests and medical supplies, some clinics are able to offer reasonable discounts.

Consult your insurer before you attend a clinic and make any tests to learn the part of the low-T treatment cost they are able to cover if you start the therapy. Healthcare is the best investment in your quality of life, improved relationships, and a brighter future.

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