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HGH Color Tops

If anyone has ever talked to you about HGH color tops, they are most likely using illegal HGH. You have never had to ask your pharmacist about the color of the cap for your prescription because all you need to know is if your medication is generic or a brand name. The most dangerous type of generics is generally an HGH blacktop, HGH green top, or HGH yellow top. Generic, poor-quality HGH is dangerous to use and may take your life. The product is usually manufactured in one of many unregulated warehouses or labs throughout Asia. The top producer of generic HGH is China.

Why do some brands of HGH use color tops?

We realize you are probably confused by the different color tops of HGH. At one time, the color of the cap was a way to distinguish the manufacturer and brand. The history of some of the HGH tops includes blue top HGH. This originated with Hypertropin vials manufactured by Neogenica Bioscience. They are now using green caps. Igotropin was the first to use green tops. When other companies began using the same color, the name changed to Revitropin. This was when blue top HGH became available. Revitropin eventually became IGF3 and red tops HGH became available.

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The color of the caps currently changes depending on which batch of HGH is being produced. In most cases, the color of the cap reflects the cheapest price available when the order for HGH was placed by the manufacturer. Once the color has changed, you will notice the manufacturer claims this cap color is superior to the others. The color of the HGH top has nothing to do with the brand or quality. The majority of HGH sold by the color of the cap is generic and produced in Asia. The generic Chinese manufacturers originally color-coded the vial tops to distinguish their brand.

Bodybuilders once purchased their HGH according to the color of the tops. This was simple since they could tell their friends to purchase blue, red, or blacktop HGH. This type of HGH was usually cheaper than purchasing a name-brand of HGH. Once a specific color such as grey tops HGH attained a good reputation, the color was used by other companies as well.

The Reasons for the Color and Name Changes

The HGH produced in the majority of the Chinese labs is of much poorer quality than what is manufactured by the top pharmaceutical companies. The production of HGH is expensive. The process requires recombinant DNA technology. The E. coli bacteria must be manipulated carefully for the production of a 191 real amino acid single chain formation of polypeptide HGH. The manufacturing process can result in leftover bacteria. This must be filtered out of the final product.

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We want you to know this process is time-consuming and expensive with numerous labs unable to afford the cost of creating high-quality HGH. This is the key reason a brand will change not only its name but the cap color from blacktop HGH to yellow top HGH due to a bad reputation. As soon as one bad report is issued, the original generic brand is changed to a different name.

The Best HGH Color Tops

At one point in time, the best generic option was blue top HGH. Since physicians in the United States were not prescribing HGH at this time, the individual determined the dosage. HGH was purchased illegally through the black market. Once blue became red tops HGH, everything became confusing. The problem is you cannot trust any HGH according to the cap color. Injections from a grey top HGH can send you to the emergency room due to a dangerous product just as easily as a blue or yellow top HGH.

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It does not matter if your purchase came from China, India, or Thailand, illegal HGH places your health at risk. One company may claim an HGH green top or HGH blacktop is the best but this is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. We do not want you to risk your health on HGH color tops. HGH products are not safe when purchased according to the cap color.

Purchasing HGH According to the Cap Color

It is no safer to use HGH yellow top than black, green, or blue. All of the HGH sold according to the color of the top is manufactured generically in overseas factories and warehouses. These products do not undergo the same scrutiny as HGH manufactured by legitimate pharmaceutical companies in the United States and Europe. Some manufacturers are only interested in your money. They manufacture counterfeit products of questionable quality. We have heard numerous stories of drywall, talc, cement, or even rat poison being used as an ingredient for the production of HGH.

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When a manufacturer uses inferior standards, the result is leftover bacterial residue. This can potentially endanger your health. Do not purchase any HGH injections according to the color of the top because it is just not safe. If you have an HGH deficiency, you need specialized treatment and diagnosis by a trained medical professional. You need to find a hormone replacement specialist to educate yourself and determine if you are a good candidate for legitimate HGH therapy. This is the only way to guarantee your purchase is real and safe HGH.

Purchasing HGH according to the color of the cap is not safe. The only time your safety is guaranteed is when you purchase an HGH brand name from a licensed pharmaceutical company in the United States using a valid prescription from a physician. Any other option is not worth the risk to your health.

Yellow Top HGH and 192 Amino Acid Peptides

One of the options we know you may be unaware of is HGH yellow tops with 192 amino acids. You may believe manufacturing HGH with 192 amino acids would be more expensive than HGH with 191 amino acids but this is not the case. It is a lot cheaper to manufacture HGH with 192 amino acids because the same manufacturing process and equipment are not necessary. The original intention of the HGH yellow cap was to be able to tell the difference between 191 and 192 HGH. This no longer applies.

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The HGH with 192 amino acids will not be recognized by your body as a real HGH. Some kind of conversion must be performed before it can be used. This is the reason for the significant increase in side effects. The color of the HGH top is not trustworthy for ensuring you are purchasing real HGH. Bioidentical 191 amino acid HGH is different from HGH with 192 amino acids. Your risk for side effects will increase and your body will not recognize 192 amino acids.