HGH Transformation

HGH Body Transformation – What to Expect from Therapy

For as long as I can remember, fitness and taking care of myself were always important. I can recall certain moments as a kid when I would gather all my friends and we would see who could run the fastest around the playground. While my parents simply chalked this up as being something that young boys do, that feeling of being competitive never changed. My deep desire to grow stronger, faster, and stay lean has stayed with me all the way until today – age 45.

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There came a certain time in my life, perhaps around the age of 35 or 36, when I could feel that something had changed. I no longer bounced back the way that I used to and gaining any kind of progress in the gym became a monumental task. For readers out there that may be in the same position – man or woman – listen to my HGH transformation and see if it resonates with you.

The Beginning

Prior to my HGH transformation, people would often approach and ask me how to stay in shape and remain lean year-round. I could attribute 99% of this success to my regimented lifestyle and habits that I had formed over decades of dedication and experience. Now that I was getting older the habits and discipline stayed the same, but my body had begun to work against me.

HGH Transformation 1 year before

As I stated earlier, around my mid-30s came a moment when I knew that I had to step up my game if I wanted longevity. There was a morning when I woke up and the pain and cramping were on another level. If anyone reading has performed a grueling workout session, specifically leg day, they know the pain that I’m talking about. But this was something different. The discomfort gripped me to the bone. I could feel my joints and muscles fighting against my intention. I needed to forcefully command my ligaments and skeletal system to move in accordance with my will. This was not normal.

Scheduling an appointment with my doctor was something that became an instant priority. When I met with him, he told me something that surprised me: men begin to decline after the age of thirty. He explained to me how men, just like women, experience a change in their sex hormones after a certain period of time. The research that he had explored showcased patients who experienced a drop in their testosterone levels by 1% to 2% per year.

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To put it bluntly, I was scared. My testosterone was something that I held sacred. It was the hormone that made me who I was and shaped my worldview pertaining to the actions I took on a regular basis and the events that happened to me. Was I going to change for the worse? Would I shrivel into a shell of the man that I previously was?

The Answer to My Problems

After my doctor had started the testosterone replacement process, he told me about another product that would make the aging process much easier – human growth hormone. Throughout the years I heard vague conversations between guys in the gym about HGH and how it helped them get to the next level. Thinking nothing of it, I would ignore their remarks and continue my workout.

It was only when my doctor showcased a series of benefits that I could experience that I became interested in it. For the first time, I began to realize that the aging process did not have to be a series of unfortunate events that we have no control over. With modern medical advancements, we can grow stronger, more youthful, and stay healthy as we begin to mature. My level of interest in my personal HGH transformation exploded overnight.

HGH Transformation 1 year after

Before diving into the specific details of my HGH body transformation, I would like to take a moment to explain what side effects I had experienced on account of aging. For starters, I noticed that keeping off unwanted fat became a problem with no visible solution. With the sudden decline in my hormone levels, burning fat became much harder than it was in my teens and early twenties. Moreover, the recovery process stretched from days to weeks and months. This was attributed to the reduced HGH available in my system due to becoming older and slowing down. When you combine all of these factors together into one cocktail, you soon realize that a major HGH transformation was a must.

Body Composition

My body fat has been fairly high all my life and sits uncomfortably around 35% or 45%. When my HGH transformation started, my body fat dipped into the low teens and my diet remained consistently the same.

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I was shocked when I had my fat measured by a personal trainer at my gym. We were both amazed at the progress I had been making without adding in new supplements, cardio regimes, or diet frameworks. The HGH was allowing my metabolism to work like it did when I was in my younger years, and the calories melted away from my physique.

Youthful Appearance

An area that I was always concerned with was my appearance. I never received botox or injections, but I would always use products that would make my skin look youthful and vibrant. I noticed from an early age that when I looked fresh and clean, my mental performance seemed to soar. When the HGH began to work its magic in my system, my skin started to glow like it never had before.

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It was such a profound side effect that I discussed it with my doctor. He explained to me that collagen is a protein fiber within the body that is responsible for joint integrity, bone health, and the appearance of the skin. When we get older, our collagen production starts to decline.


The most profound benefit that I’ve had with my HGH transformation is the mental boost. For as long as I can remember, focusing on any specific task for a prolonged period of time felt like mild torture. With HGH, I can focus on tasks until their completion regardless of the amount of time it takes, or mental barriers that stand in my way.

If you’re someone who wants to excel to new heights in both their physical and mental faculties, HGH may be the solution. Don’t let age hold you back from a great life!