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HGH vs Testosterone Therapy – Everything You Should Know

As you’re getting older the number of reproductive hormones gradually decreases. The decrease affects middle-aged men and women, so they start feeling exhausted and experience regressed stamina. When hormone hunger symptoms become more and more disturbing, this is the very time to start testosterone and HGH therapy.

Numerous studies confirm it is more efficient to restore the required level of hormones by replacing both HGH and testosterone together than by providing the hormone replacement treatment for each hormone type separately.

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Our clinic is one of the most recognized providers of qualified medical assistance when it comes to hormonal system issues. If you suffer from disorders caused by the lack of reproductive hormones, then feel free to visit us to get proper diagnostics and learn if you require testosterone and HGH replacement.

The Symptoms of Decreased Testosterone and HGH

The following symptoms may become an alert for human growth hormone and testosterone decreased levels:

  • memory lapse;
  • low concentration;
  • vexation and anxiety;
  • reduced sexual desire;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • excess weight;
  • muscular wasting;
  • depression and low motivation;
  • diabetes;
  • sleep disorders and insomnia;
  • increased cholesterol;
  • osteoporosis;
  • Anemia and a low number of red blood cells.

To specify a diagnosis, a doctor prescribes a list of tests required to learn the overall health condition of a patient and identify the HGH and testosterone hormone hunger.

hgh and testosterone together

The Results You Get after HGH and Testosterone Treatment together

A complex approach to testosterone and HGH treatment supposes that you reach several significant results for your health. Let’s review them.

1. Improved Appearance and Shape

When you are young testosterone and growth hormone are produced naturally and their level is enough for keeping you healthy and brisk. As you age, the level of required hormones gradually drops, so testosterone and HGH therapy come in handy.

Your body’s tympanum depends on the level of human growth hormone produced by your hypophysis. It is responsible for bone density, muscle bulk, fat burning, etc. Testosterone, in its turn, is responsible for the growth of muscles and bones. Please read about different human growth hormone injections to learn more.

If the level of both hormones is corrected simultaneously within the HGH and testosterone together then a patient experiences the results like muscle growth, weight loss, and basting fat reduction.

Mature Couple Has a Walk After Taking HGH and Testosterone Together

The replacement treatment is the right solution for those who aim to eliminate fatigue, lose weight, and increase muscle mass.

2. HGH and Testosterone Increase Stamina

Normal human growth hormone and testosterone levels promote the production of red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body. It enables cognitive capacity, energy, proper heart functioning, and sexual health.

When the hormone levels drop based on age or any other disorders, testosterone and HGH therapy is prescribed to improve the overall health quality of patients.

In addition, taking HGH and testosterone together is best appropriate for those who want to tap reserves, improve metabolic activity, speed up the production of red blood cells, and gain athletic shape.

Testosterone vs HGH - Mature Man Resolves and Smiling

HGH and Testosterone Treatment Process

HGH and testosterone replacement treatment is guided by a qualified physician majoring in anti-age therapies. During a visit, a doctor is going to ask questions concerning your lifestyle, nutrition, and underlying health conditions, and prescribe the required diagnostics.

HGH and testosterone replacement therapy is administered after a physical exam which allows for choosing an individual treatment plan for a certain patient.

If you are disposed toward diabetes, heart disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, or you just feel exhausted and experience low stamina, then testosterone and HGH therapy is the right way to eliminate health problems and significantly improve the quality of your life.

If you’re feeling lassitude all the time, you’re gaining weight for almost no reason and your libido has gone away, we are here to help! Get in touch with us for free and we’ll make our best to find the right solution for your issue.