should testosterone be refrigerated

Does Testosterone Need to be Refrigerated?

Today, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the topic of many debates among doctors. Scientists and specialists dealing with women’s and men’s health problems regularly discuss the pros and cons of this treatment method. Despite the popularization of a healthy lifestyle and a large number of different prevention programs, only HRT remains clinically proven, and thus the main drug method to combat unpleasant symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

If the patient decides to start a hormone replacement cycle, a physician can prescribe testosterone injections after full diagnostics, lab tests, and approval of the diagnosis. The dosages schedule should be discussed separately and selected individually. It is important to inject and keep drugs for replacement therapy properly so that they do not lose their therapeutic effects. Does testosterone need to be refrigerated? Let’s review the true facts in this article.

So does testosterone need to be refrigerated?

There is a belief that testosterone injection should be kept only in the fridge but that’s a misconception. During hormonal therapy, doctors typically prescribe testosterone cypionate. This medication is manufactured as an oil solution, and oils are quite possible to be stored without a fridge.

Should testosterone be refrigerated? Certainly not. You do not have to keep it in the fridge or any other cool spot, the room temperature will be fine. However, if your room temperature is too hot and you don’t use an air conditioner, then putting a drug in a cooler place would be a great idea.

Proper Temperature for Testosterone Storage

Don’t keep your testosterone vials frozen because this can affect the effectiveness of the drug. Very cool temperature results in the crystallization of the drug which makes its ingredients separate while damaging the molecular structure. You may notice a kind of cloudiness and small crystals formed inside the vial. As a result, there can be swelling at the injection site.

The administration of such a drug will cause some pain until the testosterone cypionate is completely absorbed by the body. This is why it is recommended to wait until a drug is defrosted before making an injection.

does testosterone need to be refrigerated

A similar crystalization of the injection may also happen during its shipping. Cool climatic conditions may affect the injection while transportation. Check if the substance in your vial is clear enough to be ready for making a shot, if you notice some cloudiness, wait until it is defrosted.

You can place a vial into the warm water for 5 minutes. After that, the drug can be injected slowly into the body. Be sure to check that the temperature matches the recommended one.

Keep the drug away from direct sunlight. For example, use a locker for this purpose, but don’t store it near a fridge, stove, or microwave oven. The heat they create can have a negative effect on the properties of a drug. The bathroom is also not a suitable place to store the medication as humidity and temperature swings may occur in there.

Does testosterone need to be refrigerated? Now you know the answer to this question. So do not store it in your fridge thinking this may prolong the expiration date, no it’s not. Be sure to keep your drug in a cold place only if there is a hot temperature in your room observed.

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Once Testosterone Got Refrigerated

What if the vials were refrigerated before you got them or you put them in the fridge not considering the storage warnings? The content of a vial may not be transparent and you will see it split into crystals. In that case, take your time before you are able to inject testosterone because injecting the frozen one can cause pain and swelling. So warm your vials up until they reach room temperature before injecting.

Consult a Doctor if You Still Have Any Doubts

Despite the recommendations, you may still not be sure if the temperature of the testosterone vials is suitable for use. And that’s normal. In such situations, you should not rely on luck, but rather contact a medical specialist for advice.

During the conversation with an expert, describe the situation in detail, and ask all your questions. For example, you can ask such questions as: ‘What do the contents of the vial look like?’, ‘How to store the drug and what is the right temperature?’, ‘Does testosterone need to be refrigerated if there are any cracks on the glass?’, etc. After getting the answers, you will be sure of what to do and how to solve any complications.

refrigerated testosterone

By contacting a doctor you’ll also be able to learn the term for your testosterone treatment cycle, the frequency of injections, and the dosage you need. All of this is individual and depends on the patient’s needs, symptoms, age, weight, and more aspects.

Keep Watching

Explore yourself. Once you start HRT, observe the physical changes in your body. For such an analysis, you can take notes of any changes, allergic reactions, or possible discomfort. You may also find out that the desired changes in your body are not happening. Thus, consult your doctor who will reconsider the dosage or schedule of injections. Just don’t rush to make any decisions on your own not to cause harm.

Is hormone replacement therapy worth it?

Testosterone injections may be useful if you have a testosterone deficiency officially confirmed by the thyroid specialist. The signs of hormone hunger may include constant fatigue, fitful sleep, reduced sexual arousal, decreased sex drive, and more. By receiving the HRT, you can help your body get rid of unwanted disorders, improve your physical and mental state as well as enhance the quality of your life.

A cheerful mood, good sleep, proper weight, a burst of energy, and increased sexual drive will be your best benefits. But first, consult a specialist to undergo blood tests and find out whether there is a hormonal imbalance in your body and whether a prescription for HRT is required.

How to use testosterone injections?

should testosterone be refrigerated

If you’re about to self-inject testosterone within your testosterone replacement cycle, you should be aware of how to inject and dispose of used materials. Please keep the sterility. Remember that each syringe and needle is disposable, apply it by following the instructions and safety precautions. Once used, they must be disposed of under environmental regulations. Be sure to place them in an airtight container.

Keep the needle kit out of the reach of children and pets and store it hidden from direct sunlight. Now you know that testosterone does not need to be refrigerated if you are able to keep it in a cool place.

Take the injections in a clean and well-lightened room to make sure you administer the right dosage in the correct way. The vial material is made of glass, so be aware of its fragility. Inspect the vials for cracks or other damages. The presence of weird substances in testosterone vials makes them unusable. Check the expiration date, consistency, and temperature of the product.

The key to success in hormone replacement therapy is following the doctor’s instructions and the testosterone therapy schedule. Otherwise, the treatment will not produce positive results, you will be disappointed and waste money. Remember that the testosterone replacement therapy cycle requires patience and time. Do not expect instant results to come from the first shot. Most patients notice the first changes in a month but significant progress usually occurs in three months or later. Be patient. Step by step, your body will experience the changes and you will enjoy the progress you have achieved.